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Nancy Mayer - President

Nancy is the daughter of Henry Mayer, one of the orignal Mayer Brothers. With a degree in engineering from Bucknell University, Nancy has been with Mayer Brothers since 1985. She is active with the National Precast Concrete Association, having served on many committees, and is a frequent speaker on septic systems and grease interceptors. She is a member of Leadership Maryland, class of 2015.

Matt is the newest member of our MBI team. He recently completed PQS1 and ACI training. He is handling maintenance, safety, and the daily operations of the plant. 

Sharon worked for Mayer Brothers from 1997-2004 as the accounting and office manager. She joined us again in July 2015 and serves as our estimator. Welcome back, Sharon!

Smitty (Alfred Smith) - Plant Manager

Smitty came to Mayer Brothers in 2011 and has been the plant manager since 2013. Smitty coordinates employees, production, and keeps things running smoothly. 

Greg Minahan - HOOT Coordinator

Greg maintains the inventory and parts for all of the HOOT systems we install. Greg also helps to manage maintenance contracts for OSIS, our service company.

Our History

Henry Mayer, along with his brother August, founded Mayer Brothers in 1959. His daughter, Nancy, continues its operation today, and Henry wouldn't have it any other way.

Henry's father, August Mayer, was a general contractor in nearby Relay, Maryland in the early 1900's. He saw a need for a precast operation in the area. Precast concrete was a new concept, and several customers started asking for small pipe and valve vaults - products that are still made today.

Although some of our product lines are over 50 years old, Mayer Brothers has progressed and now makes some of the most advanced on-site wastewater treatment plants available. We are viewed as leaders in grease interceptor design and manufacture, and we offer state of the art oil-water separators.


Our Team
Matt Caldwell - Operations Manager
Sharon Ginsberg King - Estimator
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